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    action-based citizen

    Inspiring local campaigns and solutions powered by local data.

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  • Obama on the
    power of Solve Ninjas

    “India’s first Solve Squad of 17500 young people that so far are driving change at the local level all across India. The point is, these young people are already showing the power that anybody has if they take the initiative and have the courage.”
    - Barack Obama (November 2017, Town Hall India, Delhi)

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    The Solve Ninja app leverages technology to enable action-based citizens. Download the app to report local civic issues to local governance, start community-led campaigns and share solutions.

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Our Mission

  • We strive to be a platform that inspires youth to become action-based citizen champions called Solve Ninjas.
  • Activating Solve Ninjas in every community across India, to tackle local civic and environmental problems using Local Data, Local Campaigns and Local Solutions.

How do we activate Solve Ninjas?

Programs & Events

Grassroots mobilisation through experiential public problem solving that develops 21st century skills in schools, colleges and communities.

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Technology Platforms

Technology platforms that enable young citizens to collaboratively take action towards solving local problems and supporting local governance

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Solve Network

The Solve Network; people, institutions and organisations who are united behind the mission of activating India’s action-based young citizens.

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Solving made simple

With data, campaigns and solutions under their belt, Solve Ninjas are creating meaningful impact in their local communities


Solve Ninjas Activated


Hours spent Public problem solving


Increase in civic actions taken by Solve Ninjas


Civic Innovations created by Solve Ninjas

We solemnly swear, we’re always upto
something epic

Check out the latest local solutions, stories and blogs


Breathe: D-I-Y Air Quality Monitor

Solving the problem of making air quality data accessible to citizens.

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Solve Ninjas at GHS Rajajinagar, Bangalore

Grade 9 students from GHS Rajajinagar noticed that their school ground was serving as a garbage dump and decided that it had to be made accessible again for use.

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D-I-Y Human Centered Design Dustbin

Solving the problem of making waste segregation super easy.

Low-cost Waste D-I-Y
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Ninja Chronicles

Solve Ninjas at Grace Hopper Conference India, 2018

Grace Hopper Conference India (GHCI) is an initiative by AnitaB.org with a mission to connect, inspire, and guide women.

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Pracheth Sajjan

Pracheth watched the air quality levels getting poorer with every passing day in his area due to traffic and burning of plastic.

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Taanika Shankar

Disturbed by the alarming air pollution levels in her area, Taanika filed an RTI to uncover information on tree cover affected by Metro constructions.

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Ninja Chronicles

National problems, local solutions

Countering rising pollution, endemic across the country, is best done via solutions ground-up.

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Waterless Urinals

Solving the problem of smelly urinals and lack of water to clean them.

Sanitation Low-cost
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The Solve Ninja Broadcast

Watch what the Solve Ninja movement is all about

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Solving local civic and environmental problems across India

Grassroots mobilization where Solve Ninjas have been activated through direct engagement.

Collaboration with local partners to activate Solve Ninjas across India

Simple civic solutions and prototypes that are solving local community problems

Solveninja map Solveninja map Solveninja map

Partners & Recognition

Partner with us as a collaborator, a sponsor or join our team!

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