Solve Ninja is a platform by Reap Benefit that activates young citizens to solve small problems that leave a big dent on their local communities.

The Urgency for Solve Ninjas

Today, we are facing a crisis in our local communities. Despite choking air pollution, foaming lakes, enormous garbage dumps and killer potholes noticeably plaguing our communities, less than 1% of citizens are actively engaged.

We strongly believe solving complex problems such as these, need all hands on deck.

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So, what makes a Solve Ninja?


Thinking Local Data

Solve Ninjas harness the power of crowdsourced data to inform local civic action and demand a culture of transparency in local governance.


Engaging in Local Campaigns

Solve Ninjas participate in and initiate local campaigns that enable citizens and local governance bodies to collaboratively solve local problems.


Building Local Solutions

Solve Ninjas build solutions that are contextual and defy the ‘one size fits all’ logic to solve local civic and environmental problems.

What do Solve Ninjas do?

A simple process with a powerful impact.



Discover civic and environmental problems in their community.



Collect quantitative and qualitative data about the problem.



Ideate, innovate and build solutions and campaigns.



Share data and solutions with local stakeholders and governance.

Solve Ninjas come in all shapes and sizes

Reporting Rhino

Report, interpret and broadcast problems in local communities to citizens, relevant stakeholders and local governance

Campaign Chameleon

Mobilize and inspire communities through campaigns to find collaborative and effective solutions

Hands on Hippo

Build creative and innovative hacks to tackle issues, small and large, hands-on

Techno Tiger

Utilize technology to develop, prototype, and install solutions

Action Ant

Tackles problems through dynamically combining actions of reporting, campaigning and building solutions

What Solve Ninja are you?

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