The Covid Neighborhood Dashboard (aka the ND) was built with the help of many good Samaritans and partner organisations. Without them, it would not have reached this stage. We wanted to list some of you here and thank you for the support you gave us.

Technology Partners

Alok and Sahil Kuchlous along with Aadi, Anandhrajan, Rahul, RC Reddy and Sundar ensured that we could serve data rapidly and bring in geo-based queries rapidly by connecting our database to ElasticSearch. Sahil worked on a custom clustering logic for us which we look forward to deploying in the future! Thank you guys!


2 teams from Cisco came forward to help us. Krupananda, Ramesh and Pushpa helped us with the front end. From a simple site not optimized for mobile view, it went to a tool with mobile optimized view, hyper-local volunteer workflow, easy to use stats panel and legends panels and integrated it with a local search panel (found in the right side panel!). This made the ND ready for hyper-local use. They are currently enabling an organisation specific view so that each ground partner can see their data. Shiva and his team helped build an admin panel so that any user with permission could add and edit information on the tool with ease! Thank you Cisco!

The power of the tool got enabled by a secure login flow. StackRoute, with Munendra, Sumit and Aditya came forward to help us implement login powered by KeyCloak. This enabled role based logins which power many critical functionalities going forward.

Volunteers from Mumbai

While we were understanding how to enable queries based on different geoboundaries, Satheesh, Paresh, Rohan, Smit and Viral came forward from Mumbai to build a super cool system which allows permissioned users to draw and label geographical boundaries. Soon, you can query based on your location, all the supporting agencies based on different preferences, including NGO partners who can draw and map their own regions of work.


Field Partners