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Kuldeep Dantewadia


I solve small and dent big

"I am composting at home, which I've been doing for more than 3 years. Diverting 2kgs *365 *3 days = 2190 kgs of waste."

With a conviction that young people's ideas and energy can solve civic and environmental issues, he started Reap Benefit at the age of 23. Whether its mentoring students in schools or creating a platform for Solve Ninjas to activate their problem solving skills, he has been instrumental in making it a reality. He is Ashoka’s Lead Changemaker, MIT GSW Fellow, Ashoka Fellow, Unreasonable Fellow, Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur, and more.

solveninja team members

Gautam Prakash


I solve small and dent big

"I am cutting travel CO2 emissions by half and using the metro at least once a week."

Gautam is the co-founder and chief problem solver at Reap Benefit. He has been the only non-engineer to be selected for Fab Labs MIT BITS ATOMS, USA. He has mentored some of our amazing Solve Ninjas to build local civic innovations like Waterless urinals, Air Quality monitor and lake quality monitoring system. He has been instrumental in developing the Solve Ninja App and Neighbourhood Dashboard.

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