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The Solve Ninja App

The simplest way for you to solve your community’s problems; a platform that crowdsources local data, solutions and campaigns.

Report problems like Reporting Rhino, initiate campaigns like Campaign Chameleon, share simple solution hacks like a Hands-on Hippo, or tech enabled civic solutions like Techno Tiger. Do all this and more on India’s first public problem solving platform, the Solve Ninja App.

Solve Ninja Neighbourhood Dashboard

A city-wide dashboard that provides insightful and transparent crowdsourced hyperlocal data; enables citizens, local organisations and governments to make better decisions for better neighbourhoods and hold local governance accountable.

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Other ways to join the movement

Programs & Events

Grassroots mobilisation through experiential public problem solving that develops 21st century skills in schools, colleges and communities.

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Solve Network

The Solve Network; people, institutions and organisations who are united behind the mission of activating India’s action-based young citizens.

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