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    President Obama recognizes the power of Solve Ninjas

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    Reap Benefit wins Swachhathon 1.0 under Behavior Change category

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    Kuldeep Dantewadia selected as Unreasonable Fellow 2015.

What keeps us going

Our Solve Ninjas, schools & colleges, local partners and the Reap Benefit team, have triggered and sustained meaningful change in local communities across India; leading to recognitions & awards by President Barack Obama, Forbes, Unilever, Ministry of Water and Sanitation (India) amongst several others.


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Programs & Events

Grassroots mobilisation through experiential public problem solving that develops 21st century skills in schools, colleges and communities.

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Technology Platforms

Technology platforms that enable young citizens to collaboratively take action towards solving local problems and supporting local governance

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Solve Network

The Solve Network; people, institutions and organisations who are united behind the mission of activating India’s action-based young citizens.

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